i'm kelly green. 

Design allows me to help others celebrate who they are and engage with the world through meaningful moments and stories. This is why I do what I do!

Perhaps a credit to being born to a psychologist and an engineer, I spend quite a lot of time attempting to "logic out" emotions and relationships. A habit which became the foundation of a growing love and expertise in branding and experiential design. When paired with an intuitive ability to understand people, my need to connect and engage with others informs myself and my practice.

but what does this mean for you?

I'm here to listen, to create, and to work with you. You're building something you love—be it a small business, a brand new product, or a long-anticipated passion project. You're hoping to reach the kind of people who believe in what you do as much as you believe in why you absolutely must do it. 

And there's always a first step to get there: a logo that speaks for you, a website to share the big idea with others, a poster to get the word out...

let's jump on it! 

Because what we do together will be smart.

That listening thing...that's key. I want to hear your story and I want to make it and shape it into something real with your help. We won't just make something cool; we'll make something right! For you, for your brand, and for where you see it going!

Say hello.