Visions & Revisions

California College of the Arts MFA Design show

“The design process is one of visions and revisions. Designers begin with a problem: a question that forms out of a subconscious desire, a pressing need,or a mixture of the two. Whether it’s a postcard, a game, a chair, or a new way of thinking, the first iterations rarely solve the problem at hand. So we keep going.

Sketching, writing, reading, talking, playing, making, and collaborating until instinct takes over. The type, the visuals, the interactions, and the experience express and share the vision. Through design, we create an understanding of ourselves and of the world that surrounds us.” 

I took on the role of exhibition curator and identity designer in a small group of selected students within the MFA Design program chosen to design our graduating class exhibition.

As a curator, I developed the layout of communal spaces and individuals within the space and the specific guidelines for each designer to follow within the exhibition space.Students were organized into the space so that the similarities and contrasts would inspire conversation.

As an identity designer, I developed branding and way finding for the show. I collaborated with Mark Pearsall on logo iterations, a postcard, evites, limited edition posters, the entrance way, and placards. It was a blast as we developed a true back and forth iterative process. 

Our identity evolved over time to better showcase the inspiration and process of the designer. As it was finalized, we struck a balance between the messy and the refined, the process and the solution, the vision and the revision.  

2013 Exhibition Design Team : Will Freeman, Kelly Green, Jason Harrow, Rebecca Hathaway, Trey Hurst, Alingo Loh, Nuri Kim, Mark Pearsall

Exhibition Instructor : Rachel Berger



the space

the process