Cogitativo rebrand

Cogitativo has taken on an epic quest: to discover true behaviors in the health care industry through machine learning. In other words, their data scientists examine and analyze the millions of data points found within a huge industry rife with problems. In our initial kickoff workshop, my mission to celebrate people through design meshed well with Cogitativo’s vision to embrace the explorer’s heart and focus on the individuals behind the data. 

I took the notion of an explorer's heart and tied it into other company values: co-creation and the concept of one-size-fits-no-one. The subsequent modular visual language of the brand plays off the logo mark, but morphs, evolves, and transforms to speak to these concepts in both abstract and concrete ways.

I designed the site to mimic the explorer's journey in the user experience: a visitor can skim over the surface or dive deeply into the content. Inspired by editorial designs and the new breed of online editorials, we worked with interactive graphics for case studies and added footnotes for behind-the-scenes insights.

If the company wants to focus on individuals, I found it key to reflect that value in their brand presence. For example, the employee profile graphics and business cards feature three visual pieces. Each piece represents their expertise and history of learning. It's a wink—a bit of fun and nerdery—yet also acknowledges that which is hidden upon first glance and requires deeper investigation to reveal. 

the site


the collateral