Loma Prieta 25

Association of Bay Area Governments

With the 25th anniversary of the Loma Prieta earthquake fast approaching, the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) was determined to collaborate on a stand-out brand that would celebrate the creativity of the human spirit in response to natural disaster.

It would need to appeal not only to the usual policy makers, engineers, and scientists, but to thinkers, designers, and the everday people that could be affected by another big quake. Our goal became capturing ideas of humanity, community, and resilience in a modern, expressive, and relatable way. Rather than focus on fear, it was key to focus on strength!

The logomark design speaks of movement and motion. From the human perspective, it is the bustle of a city, the passing cars on a lone highway, the moment of quiet at the end of the day. But movement also expands into a sense of awe at our ability to transform as we examine more closely the history of change and uncertainty in the natural environment we live, both apart and from within. 

For the website, we built up the visual language to reflect strength in our purpose to overcome and to hint at the ways in which our experiences shape future actions.

Developed while at Lux Design
Role: Lead Designer
Creative Director: Verna Bhargava
Design Team: John Caterino