Half Times Redesign

robert half international

Robert Half International produces an internal magazine with features celebrating the individuals and teams that make up the company. With a complicated approval process, few submission standards, and an inconsistent design at the mercy of last-minute changes and fluxuating word count, the impending change to quarterly from bi-annual production felt daunting.

After working closely with Editor-in-Chief, Leah, we revealed ways to streamline and standardize her process. Conversations led to the creation of a modular design template with a distinct visual voice: striking and clean with a balance of professional and playful. I led our team in developing a system of section specific standards—color, type treatment, and navigational cues.

The choices we made reflected the needs of the editorial team rather than our own assumptions! The modular system supplied the RH team with a collection of interchangeable layouts for various word counts and imagery. And, most importantly, the template created more space to highlight the people who were so important to the company!

Developed while at Lux Design
Role: Lead Designer
Creative Director: Verna Bhargava
Design Team: Catherine Lee, Heidi Meredith

design guide

Robert Half adopts the new template